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Discover the Best Wine Coolers on the Market

Discover the Best Wine Coolers on the Market

This is not your typical wine cooler. The Huski Wine Cooler is an award-winning, high-performance cooler that keeps drinks chilled for up to 6 hours without the need for ice.

  • Triple insulation keeps drinks chilled without the need for ice
  • One size fits most 750ml wine and champagne bottles
  • No condensation keeps hands and tables dry
  • Silicone base protects surfaces and stabilises the cooler

Why is Temperature Important?

The temperature at which wine is served can greatly impact its flavour profile. Serving wine too cold can mute its flavours, while serving it too warm can make it taste overly alcoholic. For white wines, serving them too warm can make them taste flabby, while serving red wines too cold can make them taste overly tannic.

Store Wine Properly

Before serving your wine, it's important to store it properly. Keep your wine in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Ideally, wine should be stored at a consistent temperature of around 55°F (13°C) to maintain its quality.

Use a Huski Wine Cooler

Investing in a wine cooler is a great way to keep your wine at the perfect temperature. Huski Wine Coolers are designed to keep your wine cool for up to 6 hours.  Perfect for picnics, dinner parties or taking to restaurants. Huski Wine Coolers, helping you to keep your wine cool and so you can enjoy drinking it!!

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